Quick Answer: How Many California Representatives Are Democrats??

The delegation has a total of 53 members, with 46 Democrats (including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi) and 7 Republicans (including minority leader Kevin McCarthy).

In the 2018 elections, Democrats were elected in 7 Republican-held seats, increasing their hold to 46 out of 53 seats for the 116th Congress.

Who are my representatives in California?

California’s 53 representatives are:

  • 1st District. Doug LaMalfa.
  • 2nd District. Jared Huffman. Democrat.
  • 3rd District. John Garamendi. Democrat.
  • 4th District. Tom McClintock.
  • 5th District. Mike Thompson. Democrat.
  • 6th District. Doris Matsui. Democrat.
  • 7th District. Ami Bera. Democrat.
  • 8th District. Paul Cook.

How many representatives are there per population?

Instead, the average district size is approximately 700,000 and growing. The number of federal Representatives should grow proportionately with the general population. Instead, Congress has fixed the total number of Representatives at 435 ever since 1913.

Who is the US representative of California 2019?

As of April 2019, a total of 379 individuals have represented California in the U.S. House. The current members of the U.S. House from California are: Adam Schiff. Alan Lowenthal.

How many congressmen from California are Republican?

Not since the 1940s has California had single-digit Republican representation in Congress. Now there are eight, and that may drop to seven by the time the counting is done. Republicans held 14 of California’s 53 seats in the House of Representatives before the midterm election.

How many California Republicans are in the house?

Democrats flipped six seats, leaving Republicans with only eight California U.S. House members. Put another way, Republicans will make up about 15 percent of the California delegation to the U.S. House. (And that’s only if Republican David Valadao can hold on in the Central Valley.)

Who is the current US Representative?

United States House of Representatives
Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) since January 3, 2019
Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D) since January 3, 2019
Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R) since January 3, 2019

26 more rows

How many districts are in California?

California has 53 congressional districts, far and away the largest number in the country; Texas is 2nd with 36. There are currently 39 Democrats and 14 Republicans.

How many US Senators does California have?

Kamala Harris


Dianne Feinstein


Does the Senate have more power than Congress?

The Senate. The Senate is often considered a more prestigious body, in part because there are far fewer senators than representatives, but also because the Constitution gives the group unique powers.

How many Democratic delegates does California have?

In the 2016 race, the two states combined to apportion 68 Democratic delegates to presidential candidates. California, the biggest prize, awarded 475.

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