Question: How Did The Fires Start In California??

A Cal Fire firefighter monitors a burning home as the Camp Fire moves through the area on November 9, 2018 in Magalia, California.

Fueled by high winds and low humidity, the rapidly spreading Camp Fire ripped through the town of Paradise and has destroyed numerous homes and businesses in a matter of hours.

What caused the fire in California 2017?

According to the Cal Fire, faulty Pacific Gas and Electric power lines and equipment failure caused 12 of the October 2017 wildfires that tore through Northern California. In 2015 they found PG&E at fault for a 2015 fire in Butte County that killed two people and destroyed nearly 1,000 structures.

How did LA fire start?

California fire: What started as a tiny brush fire became the state’s deadliest wildfire. Here’s how. Before there was a spark, there was the wind. On the morning of Nov. 8, as the sun rose over the isolated mountains in the Sierra Nevada, gale-force winds tore through the canyon.

When did California fire start in 2018?

The 2018 wildfire season is California’s worst in the past 10 years. The increase makes 2018 the worst fire season in California in at least 15 years, eclipsing the 1,593,690 acres consumed in 2008, with fires still burning and six weeks left in the year.

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