Question: How Long Is The Flight From Virginia To Los Angeles??

Flight time from Richmond, VA to Los Angeles is 7 hours 19 minutes.

Quickest one-stop flight takes close to 8 hours.

However, some airlines could take as long as 31 hours based on the stopover destination and waiting duration.

How long is the flight from California to New York?

Flying time from Los Angeles, CA to New York, NY. The total flight duration from Los Angeles, CA to New York, NY is 4 hours, 47 minutes. This is the average in-air flight time (wheels up to wheels down on the runway) based on actual flights taken over the past year, including routes like LAX to EWR.

How long does it take to fly to West Virginia?

Flying time from California to West Virginia. The total flight duration from California to West Virginia is 4 hours, 45 minutes.

How much does it cost to drive from Virginia to California?

The total cost of driving from Virginia to California (one-way) is $308.48 at current gas prices. The round trip cost would be $616.96 to go from Virginia to California and back to Virginia again. Regular fuel costs are around $2.88 per gallon for your trip.

Is it cheaper to drive or fly?

When Is It Cheaper to Fly? Flying is faster than driving when you need to travel a long distance. If you need to make a connecting flight, flying is usually quicker for trips with an 8+ hour drive. Time is money, especially for long-distance trips.

How many miles does 1 gallon of gas get you?

You would need to divide 1000 miles by 50 gallons of gas. That would equal 20; therefore, you traveled 20 miles for every 1 gallon of gas. Your gas mileage would be 20 mpg (miles per gallon).

How long is a car ride from New York to California?

It is about 3000 miles from New York to California, by the most direct (but least interesting) route. If you drive for 4-6 hours a day, the trip will take 10 of your 14 days. That doesn’t leave you much time for anything else.

Does West Virginia have an airport?

It contains all public-use and military airports in the state.


City served Clarksburg
Airport name North Central West Virginia Airport (was Harrison-Marion Regional)
Role P-N
Enpl. 26,025

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What airlines fly into West Virginia?

United States to West Virginia Flight Information

Flights Arrive in West Virginia
Flights Depart from United States
Flight Price $72
Airlines Southern Airways, Contour, Spirit Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, American Airlines

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