Quick Answer: What States Have More Than One MLB Team??

MLB Teams By State

  • List of MLB teams by state.
  • Arizona – Arizona Diamondbacks.
  • California – Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, Oakland A’s, San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants.
  • Colorado – Colorado Rockies.
  • Florida Miami – Marlins, Tampa,Bay Rays.
  • Georgia – Atlanta Braves.
  • Illinois – Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox.

What are the 30 MLB teams?

With the Major League Baseball season getting underway, here’s the breakdown of how the league’s 30 teams got their names.

  1. Arizona Diamondbacks. Norm Hall/Getty Images.
  2. Atlanta Braves. Mitchell Layton/Getty Images.
  3. Baltimore Orioles.
  4. Boston Red Sox.
  5. Chicago Cubs.
  6. Chicago White Sox.
  7. Cincinnati Reds.
  8. Cleveland Indians.

How many MLB teams are there?


How many professional teams are in California?

California currently has 19 major professional sports franchises, far more than any other US state. The San Francisco Bay Area has seven major league teams spread amongst three cities: San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose.

Why does LA have two baseball teams?

The Los Angeles area is one of four metropolitan areas to host two Major League Baseball teams—the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League and the Los Angeles Angels in the American League. The Dodgers were founded in Brooklyn, New York; they officially adopted the name Dodgers in 1932.

What are the MLB teams in California?

There are five MLB franchises in the state of California: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Los Angeles Dodgers, Oakland Athletics, San Diego Padres, and the San Francisco Giants. The Dodgers and Giants were the first teams to move to the West Coast, leaving New York state after the 1957 season.

What team has the most home runs in MLB?

Barry Bonds holds the Major League Baseball home run record with 762. He passed Hank Aaron, who hit 755, on August 7, 2007. The only other player to have hit 700 or more is Babe Ruth with 714.

What are the MLB teams in alphabetical order?


  • Arizona Diamondbacks.
  • Atlanta Braves.
  • Baltimore Orioles.
  • Boston Red Sox.
  • Chicago White Sox.
  • Chicago Cubs.
  • Cincinnati Reds.
  • Cleveland Indians.

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