Quick Answer: How Many High Schools Are There In California??

According to the California Department of Education, there are 1,339 regular (“comprehensive”) public high schools and 259 public charter high schools in California.28 Apr 2017

How many schools are in the United States?

The Answer: According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there were 98,817 public schools during the 2009-2010 school year. For more information, see other U.S. education facts.

How many school districts are in California?

977 school districts

What high schools are in California?

Top Ranked California Schools

  • #1. Whitney High School. 16800 Shoemaker Ave., Cerritos, California 90703.
  • #2. Oxford Academy.
  • #3. Stockton Collegiate International Secondary.
  • #4. KIPP San Jose Collegiate.
  • #5. University High School (Fresno)
  • #6. Preuss School UCSD.
  • #7. Animo Leadership High.
  • #8. Mission San Jose High.

What’s the biggest high school in California?

We’ve ranked the most beautiful campuses in California, but today we’re bringing you the biggest schools in the state.

20 Biggest Public High Schools in California

  1. Central High East Campus.
  2. Downey High School.
  3. Long Beach Polytechnic High School.
  4. Granada Hills Charter High School.
  5. Paramount High School.

Who is the largest school district in the US?

Largest School Districts in the United States

Rank School district name Enrollment
1 New York City Department of Education 995,336
2 Los Angeles Unified School District 667,273
3 Puerto Rico Department of Education 437,202
4 Chicago Public Schools 405,655

11 more rows