Question: How Much Does Daycare Cost Per Day??

Parents spend an average of $211 per week for daycare in a daycare center and $200 for care in a home.

What is the average cost of daycare per day?

On average, parents spend $40 per day on childcare in a full-time setting.

How much does daycare cost per month?

The average cost of center-based daycare in the United States is $11,666 per year ($972 a month), but prices range from $3,582 to $18,773 a year ($300 to $1,564 monthly), according to the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (NACCRRA).

How much does daycare cost in Los Angeles?

According to, in Los Angeles County, infant care in a childcare center costs an average of $14,309 per year. While infant care in a family home center (a private residence) costs an average of $9,186.

How much does it cost for daycare in California?

The Consult survey did not include child care costs, but they are significant and can vary dramatically depending on the area. CNBC pointed to data from The Economic Policy Institute, which shows the average annual cost of infant care in California is $11,817—that’s $985 per month.

How much does at home daycare cost?

According to the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA), home daycare averages from around $330 to $920 a month for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers (less in rural areas, a lot more in big cities).

What is the average cost of daycare per hour?

Parents in U.S. cities generally pay babysitters between $10 and $20 per hour. The rate is highest in expensive cities like San Francisco. The average cost of a babysitter in the U.S. is $14.66 per hour, according to SitterCity. Using babysitters to care for an infant full-time would cost about $30,493 on average.

How can I lower my daycare costs?

By doing your homework, you can avoid overpaying while still getting the best facilities and caregivers for your little ones.

  • Shop Around.
  • Trim Costs.
  • Ask for a Sibling Discount.
  • Take a Year Off.
  • Adjust Your Schedule.
  • Ask for Family Help.
  • Talk About Flex Spending Accounts and Childcare Tax Credits.
  • Work From Home.

How much do diapers cost monthly?

The average baby goes through six to 10 diapers a day, which, according to the National Diaper Bank Network, can set you back $70 to $80 per month, or about $900 a year. If you choose not to breastfeed, formula can cost up to $150 per month, or about $1,800 a year.

How much does it cost to have a child in California?

The study found that California women giving birth were charged from $3,296 to $37,227 for an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, depending on which hospital they visited. For a C-section, women were billed between $8,312 and nearly $71,000.

How much does a part time nanny cost?

The national average gross weekly salary for full time live-out nannies is $705. For full-time live-in nannies it’s $652 — not a huge difference, though their job responsibilities tend to be more expansive and include household work.

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