What Is The Assisted Living Waiver Program??

Assisted Living Waiver (ALW) eligible individuals are those who are enrolled in Medi-Cal and meet the level of care provided in a nursing facility due to their medical needs.

Please contact your local county office to obtain information about how to apply for Medi-Cal benefits.5 Dec 2018

Will Medicare pay for assisted living in California?

Medi-Cal for Assisted Living Facility Residents. In general, Medicaid pays for room and board only when they are offered in an institution that provides skilled care (like a nursing home), and it does not generally pay for room and board expenses in assisted living facilities.

What does Medicaid pay for assisted living?

Medicare won’t pay for this type of care, but Medicaid might. Almost all state Medicaid programs will cover at least some assisted living costs for eligible residents.17 May 2018

What is a Medi Cal waiver?

​​Medi-Cal Waivers. Medi-Cal waivers are programs that provide additional services to specific groups of individuals, limit services to specific geographic areas of the state, and provide medical coverage to individuals who may not otherwise be eligible under traditional Medicaid rules.25 Jan 2019

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