How Much Do Medical Scribes Make Per Hour??

The average hourly rate for Medical Scribe ranges from $13 to $18 with the average hourly pay of $16.

The total hourly compensation, which includes bonus, health and retirement, can vary anywhere from $13 to $18 with the average total hourly compensation of $16.

What qualifies you for a medical scribe position?

How Does One Become Qualified to Work as a Medical Scribe?

  • Must have a minimum of a high school diploma.
  • Computer and typing skills are preferred.
  • Experience with medical terminology is preferred.
  • A constitution to work under the rigors of delivering medical care.
  • Responsible and mature, with a passion for medicine.

How can I become a medical scribe?

To become a medical scribe, you need at least high school diploma. Some hospitals and medical clinics prefer to hire medical scribes who have a college education. Additionally, some employers require medical scribes to complete training and certification programs.

How fast do you need to type to be a medical scribe?

1. Touch-typing speed: 90 – 100 wpm. Get your speed up to 90 – 100 words per minute before you start scribing. To scribe what people are saying as fast as they’re saying it, you need to be able to touch-type at about 100 words per minute.

How much do medical scribes make in California?

How much does a Medical Scribe make in California?

City Average salary
Medical Scribe in Newport Beach, CA 20 salaries $14.66 per hour
Medical Scribe in Los Angeles, CA 17 salaries $14.36 per hour
Medical Scribe in Redding, CA 10 salaries $15.33 per hour
Medical Scribe in Irvine, CA 9 salaries $14.42 per hour

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What do medical scribes get paid?

The average pay for a Medical Scribe is $12.09 per hour.