Can You Buy A Volkswagen California In The US??

That heritage lives on today with this: the Volkswagen California.

Despite its name, the California is sold throughout Europe, but not in the U.S.

At the moment, we don’t get a version of Volkswagen’s campervan, although we are supposed to get an all-electric I.D.

BUZZ microbus in 2022.

How much does the VW California cost?

As such, the 680 is positioned as a roomy, luxurious road traveler for two, as opposed to a family camper van. We haven’t seen a full pricing sheet on the Grand California just yet, but Volkswagen has announced that the van will start just under €55,000 (approx. US$64,325) when it goes on sale next year.

What is a VW California?

The Volkswagen California is based on the Transporter by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV). It is the first campervan designed and built in-house by VWCV Special Business Unit, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Does VW still make a van?

Unfortunately, Volkswagen no longer carries a minivan in its lineup. The last minivan to be offered by the automaker was the Routon, a seven-seat minivan that was based off the fifth-generation Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country.

Do they still make Westfalia vans?

While Volkswagen still offers pop-top camper conversions in Europe, they now do have another supplier to do the conversions. Meanwhile, Westfalia now makes high-roof — rather than pop-top — factory camper conversions for Mercedes vans, distributed in the United States by Airstream and badged as Dodge Sprinters.

How much does a VW bus cost?

The 2018 Ford Transit Connect passenger wagon, for instance, starts at almost $26,000, while a new Mercedes-Benz Metris passenger van is closer to $30,000. Of course, it’s too early to say how much a new, all-electric bus from VW will cost once — and if — it’s released in a few years.

Are Volkswagens reliable?

WarrantyDirect found that 1 in 80 cars resulted in engine failure. This is considerably better than Volkswagen who came ninth for most unreliable with a 1 in 52 failure rate. Compared to Ford and Toyota, Volkswagen are pretty unreliable. However, Toyota are extremely reliable, and are renowned for their reliability.

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