How Do I Find Someone In Jail In California??

To find someone who has been jailed in California, use the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s online Inmate Locator.

You can also access an offender’s information by phone or fax at the Department’s Identification Unit.

How do I locate a person in jail?

The best way to find someone in jail for free is On the site’s homepage, select the state where you want to search. You can search by their inmate ID number or by first and last name. Optional fields to narrow down the search results are date of birth or age range.

How do I find an inmate’s address?

Method 1 Writing a Letter to Someone in Jail

  • Visit the jail website.
  • Look up the inmate’s booking number.
  • Address the envelope.
  • Include your name and return address.
  • Make sure not to send confidential information.
  • Avoid sending prohibited items.
  • Mail your envelope.
  • Send an email.

How do I find an inmate CDC number?

To get an inmate’s CDC# or housing assignment, individuals should call the Public Information Officer (PIO) or the inmate locator at the institution (see below for phone numbers). Those people who don’t know where an inmate is housed may contact the Department’s ID Unit at (916) 445-6713.

How many women’s prisons are in California?

California “hosts” the world’s largest women’s prison, the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla. There are 3 major women’s prisons in California. CCWF and Valley State Prison for Women (VSPW), both in the Central Valley, and the California Institution for Women (CIW) in Corona.

How many prisoners are in California?

Incarceration rate by state

Jurisdiction Yearend 2016. In prison or jail 2016 rate per 100,000 adults
US total 2,131,000 850
California 202,700 670
Colorado 32,100 740
Connecticut 15,000 530

50 more rows

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