Question: How Do I Get A Resale Certificate??

Using a Resale Certificate.

To use a resale certificate, you must first be registered to collect sales tax with at least one state.

This registration is your proof that you are truly a business and eligible to buy items tax free.

Most states allow vendors to accept out-of-state resale certificates.

Do I need a resale certificate in California?

Seller’s Permit vs. Resale Certificate in California. All businesses that are 1) engaged in business in California and 2) sell or lease “tangible personal property” that is ordinarily subject to sales tax must have a Seller’s Permit issued by the California Board of Equalization.

Is a seller’s permit and a resale license the same thing?

Seller’s Permit or “Sales Tax” License. A seller’s permit allows a state to identify a business as a collector of sales tax. Although most businesses with a resale certificate have a seller’s permit, some manufacturers never sell a product for resale and only provide components for other products.

How long does it take to get a seller’s permit in California?

Typically a Seller’s Permit will be issued within 14 days if the application is received by mail.

How long are resale certificates good for?

Certain states do impose time limits on the validity of resale certificates. For example, in Louisiana, resale certificates are valid for only three years, while in Washington, you must renew a resale certificate every four years.

Does Washington accept out of state resale certificates?

But nine states — Alabama, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Washington — along with Washington D.C. do not allow out of state resale certificates. So in those states, if you want to use a resale certificate, you need to be registered to collect sales tax in that state.

What is California resale certificate?

What Is a California Resale Certificate? The California Board of Equalization (BOE) requires sales tax be collected on nearly every tangible personal property item sold, but the tax isn’t always collected on every sale.

Do I need a resale certificate?

The wholesaler that you purchase the goods from will request to see your resale certificate (aka tax exemption certificate) as proof that the property is being purchased for resale. Without a resale certificate, a business or individual is typically required to pay sales tax on all purchases.

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