How Can I Find An Inmate In California??

The California inmate finder will take you to The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR).

There you will be able to find inmates by name and inmate identification number.

How can I find an inmate for free?

The best way to locate information on a federal prisoner for free is to go to the Bureau of Federal Prisons website at Then, go to the inmate locator tab. You can search by inmate number or name.

How do I find an inmate CDC number?

To get an inmate’s CDC# or housing assignment, individuals should call the Public Information Officer (PIO) or the inmate locator at the institution (see below for phone numbers). Those people who don’t know where an inmate is housed may contact the Department’s ID Unit at (916) 445-6713.

How do I find an inmate’s address?

Method 1 Writing a Letter to Someone in Jail

  • Visit the jail website.
  • Look up the inmate’s booking number.
  • Address the envelope.
  • Include your name and return address.
  • Make sure not to send confidential information.
  • Avoid sending prohibited items.
  • Mail your envelope.
  • Send an email.

Can you find out an inmate’s release date?

It will usually list current inmates, recent bookings and recent releases. If you are unable to locate the release date for an inmate on the website, there should be a contact number that you can use to call the facility. If you know that the inmate is serving time in a federal prison, you can go to

How do I contact an inmate in jail?

In such instances, you can call GTL at 800-483-8314 to sign up for a prepaid calling account and begin receiving calls again. Please note in order to receive calls to cell phones, inmates must call either prepaid collect or use their inmate debit calling account.

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