Question: How Can I Modify Child Support??

To ask the Probate and Family Court to modify a child support order:

  • Go into the court that made the child support order.
  • Fill out a Complaint for Modification form.
  • Take the form to the court Clerk.
  • Serve the Complaint and Summons.
  • Make “return of service”.
  • Schedule a court date for the hearing.

Can child support be lowered if I have another child in California?

California family law states that both parents have an equal responsibility to provide financially for their child. This duty does not change if either parent remarries. It is even possible that child support will lower if you or your spouse remarry and have another child.

How often can I modify child support?

Asking for a change: Either parent or custodian can ask to have a child support order reviewed at least every three years or whenever there is a substantial change of circumstances (such as loss of employment or incarceration), to make sure that the order remains fair.

Does Child Support go down if you have another child in California?

Most states determine child support, in part, based on family size, so your child support payments may go down if you have another child. However, it isn’t an automatic reduction and, depending on your circumstances and your state’s laws, you may not receive a reduction at all.

Do you need a lawyer to modify child support?

You can file a petition to modify child support yourself, or through a lawyer. Most states have websites that will provide you with the documents you need to pursue a child support modification. These websites will only provide you with documents. They will not provide legal advice.

Does Child Support decrease with age?

Support ends when the child reaches the age of 18 and graduates from high school provided that they are living with a custodial parent. Child support is always subject to modification if there is a change in one’s financial circumstances.

Can I get more child support if my ex remarries?

If your ex-husband remarries, and if he and his new wife have children together, this usually changes the situation. When a non-custodial parent’s income is less, his child support obligation is less. However, Massachusetts will not allow judges to consider subsequent children as a reason to reduce a support order.

Do I pay less CSA if I have another child?

3 or more children, they will have to pay 25% of their net weekly income. This means that if the non-resident parent has a net weekly income of £200, they would have to pay: Because this is more than £200 a week and he has 2 children to support, he must pay 20% of his net weekly income as child maintenance.

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