Quick Answer: How Much Is A Burial Plot Worth??

Plots for infants and children are less expensive.

A burial plot in a private cemetery: The average cost of a single burial plot is $2,000 to $5,000, depending on where the cemetery is located, the cemetery’s amenities, and whether the plot is in a more desirable section within the cemetery.

How much does a cemetery plot cost in California?

Average Cost of Funeral Plots by State:

Alabama $1,582
California $3,915
Colorado $2,037
Delaware $1,181
Florida $1,239

17 more rows

Can you sell a cemetery plot?

In many cases families inherit cemetery plots that are no longer required and wish to sell their burial sites. As the price of some burial plots can amount to thousands of dollars, selling an unwanted cemetery plot or mausoleum, has proved a significant way to release family equity.

Who owns a cemetery plot?

When a cemetery plot or grave is purchased, the cemetery retains ownership of the land. The purchase allows the owner the right to be buried on cemetery property. This burial right is owned in perpetuity, and can be handed down in a family or willed to another family member or friend.

Do cemeteries buyback plots?

Not all cemeteries will engage in buybacks, but many do. If your cemetery offers buybacks, the sexton/manager will be the best person to speak with. Generally speaking, cemeteries are not obligated to engage in a buyback. However, many cemeteries will buy unused plots back, or at least recognize an outside sale.

How long does a cemetery plot last?

The exclusive right of burial (or grave deed) is sold for 75 or 99 years. For a cremated remains plot, the exclusive right of burial is sold for 75 or 99 years. These are known as ‘purchased graves’ and although you never actually own the ground you do own the exclusive rights to bury in your purchased plot.

How much does a cremation plot cost?

Each plot should have a standard fixed price and an average lease time of 75 to 100 years. One-off maintenance fees may also be applicable in order to manage the land. The average cost of a cemetery burial plot is between £750 and £950; while the average cost of a ash plot is £450.

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