Who Is Eligible For Obamacare In California??

To be eligible for premium assistance, an individual must: Be a U.S.

citizen, a U.S.

national or a lawfully present immigrant buying coverage through Covered California.

Have an annual household income between 138 percent and 400 percent* of the federal poverty level (FPL).

Where do I go to apply for Obamacare?

There are 4 ways to apply for coverage in the Health Insurance Marketplace:

  • Apply online. Visit this page and select your state to get started.
  • Apply by phone. Call 1-800-318-2596 to apply for a health insurance plan and enroll over the phone.
  • Apply in person.
  • Apply by mail.

How do I sign up for Covered California?

Use the following options to Apply for a Covered California plan:

  1. Apply Online: Start by getting California Health Insurance Quotes.
  2. Apply by Phone: Call 1-877-752-4737.
  3. Find a local Covered California agent.
  4. Find a Covered California Storefront near you.

What are the qualifications for Obamacare?

If your total income is between 100% and 400% of the poverty threshold, you’re eligible for premium assistance. Any more than that, and you’re on the hook for full-cost premiums, unless you go without insurance and pay an Obamacare penalty when you file your taxes.

Is Covered California part of Obama care?

Compare Obamacare Health Plans in California Now. We make it easy to find Affordable Care Act coverage in California that fits your needs. Covered California is the state health insurance exchange, but it isn’t your only option if you’re purchasing a health plan on the individual and family Marketplace.

Do you have to have health insurance in California in 2019?

The Health Insurance Penalty: Ends in 2019. According to the Affordable Care Act, if you do not get health insurance coverage, you will be penalized at tax time. To avoid a penalty for no health insurance, you must have either a valid exemption or you must be enrolled on a qualified health plan.

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