FAQ: what airlines fly nonstop from los angeles to philadelphia?

Who flies nonstop from LAX to Philadelphia?

Can I fly from Los Angeles to Philadelphia non-stop? Airlines such as Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, and Spirit Airlines all offer direct flights from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. There are also one-stop flights available via airlines such as United Airlines, American Airlines, and Frontier Airlines.

Does Southwest fly direct to Philadelphia?

Southwest flies nonstop from Atlanta to Philadelphia once daily. What day is it cheapest to fly from Atlanta to Philadelphia? To find the cheapest day and time to fly Atlanta to Philadelphia with Southwest, check out our Low Fare Calendar.

Where can you fly direct from Los Angeles?

Non stop flights from Los Angeles – LAX direct flights

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico – ABQ – Southwest, SkyWest Airlines, Compass Airlines.
  • Anchorage, Alaska – ANC – Alaska Airlines.
  • Arcata/Eureka, California – ACV – SkyWest Airlines.
  • Aspen, Colorado – ASE – SkyWest Airlines.
  • Atlanta, Georgia – ATL – Delta, United, American, Spirit Air Lines, Frontier, Southwest.

Does Jet Blue fly to Philadelphia?

Flights to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Vacation Packages & Deals | JetBlue.

Can you fly from California to Philadelphia?

How long is the flight from California to Philadelphia? Spirit Airlines, American Airlines, and Frontier can get you from California to Philadelphia in just under 4h 46m. Your travel time can differ by up to 2h 24m. Both multi-stop and nonstop flights can be found to your destination and back.

How far is Los Angeles from Philadelphia?

The shortest distance (air line) between Philadelphia and LosAngeles is 2,388.29 mi (3,843.58 km). The shortest route between Philadelphia and LosAngeles is 2,707.62 mi (4,357.49 km) according to the route planner. The driving time is approx. 48h 29min.

What cities does Southwest fly direct to?

List of Southwest Airlines destinations

  • Aruba. ArubaAUA.
  • Cuba. HavanaHAV.
  • Dominican Republic. Punta CanaPUJ.
  • Jamaica. Montego BayMBJ.
  • Puerto Rico. San JuanSJU.

Does Southwest fly to Yellowstone?

Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport serves as the year-round gateway to Yellowstone National Park.

Southwest Airlines Coming to Bozeman; Daily Service to Begin May 27.

Fly nonstop between Bozeman and: Initial daily service: One-way fares as low as:
Las Vegas 2 flights each way $39

Do Southwest Airlines fly internationally?

Southwest Serves 14 International Destinations in 10 Countries Outside of America. Gun shy for decades to operate flights outside the States, the low-cost carrier has rapidly ramped its route map into the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America.

What is the longest flight from LAX?

Human guinea pigs prepare for the world’s longest direct flight: 20 hours. Qantas Airways’ hangar at LAX. Qantas plans a 20-hour, New York-to-Sydney test run this weekend, the longest commercial flight ever. For decades, travelers have endured jet lag as an unavoidable menace on long journeys.

Is there any international flights from LAX?

Cheap Flights from LAX

In total, there are over 60 airlines operating out of LAX, serving 87 domestic routes and 69 international ones. Because it’s such an integral part of the US air travel system, it’s not difficult to find cheap flights from LAX to just about anywhere in the country.

Where does Delta fly direct from LAX?

From Los Angeles, Delta today offers 281 weekly flights to 17 nonstop destinations, including long-haul domestic flights to Atlanta, New York-JFK, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, Hartford, Columbus, Ohio, Cincinnati and Raleigh-Durham; international flights to Guadalajara, Cancun and Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo; and

Where does JetBlue fly in US?

United States

  • Los Angeles area.
  • San Francisco area.
  • Burbank, CA (BUR)
  • Los Angeles, CA (LAX)
  • Palm Springs, CA (PSP)
  • Sacramento, CA (SMF)
  • San Diego, CA (SAN)
  • San Francisco, CA (SFO)

What terminal is JetBlue in Philadelphia?

JetBlue Airways uses Terminal E at Philadelphia Airport.

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