FAQ: which pawnshop will buy yashica electro 35 los angeles ca?

How much is a Yashica Electro 35 worth?

Yashica: Electro 35 GSN

Average Very good
Body only $30-40 $40-50
With lens $30-40 $40-50
Estimate value accuracy:

Does a Yashica Electro 35 GSN work without a battery?

The shutter fires at 1/500 with no battery. In fact its perfectly usable with no battery if you use a fast film.

What kind of battery does a Yashica Electro 35 GSN use?

The Electro 35 was designed to operate using a 5.6V mercury battery but these have now been banned due to environmental concerns. However, a 6V alkaline battery (PX28A or 4LR44) may be used, with a purchased adaptor.

How much is a Yashica camera worth?

Yashica: Yashica A

Average Very good Mint
$50-60 $70-80 $120-140
Estimate value accuracy:

Is Yashica a good camera?

The value of a Yashica A can vary widely like most cameras. If your Yashica A is beat-up and worn away with a few scuffs here and there, but the shutter still fires and it can take photos, you’re looking at around $60. Remember it is a very affordable camera, but that doesn’t mean it’s poor quality.

What film does the Yashica Electro 35 use?

Features. Affordably Classy: The Yashica Electro 35 GSN is a 35mm rangefinder camera with an internal light meter and a whole lot of class. Rangefinder Innovation: The leaf shutter means it’s extra-quiet, and it’s got you covered whether you want to use ISO 25 film, ISO 1000 film, or anything in between.

What happened to Yashica?

In 2005, Kyocera halted production on all Contax, Yashica, and other Kyocera-branded film and digital cameras. In 2008, Kyocera sold the trademark rights of Yashica to Hong Kong-based MF Jebsen Group, and is under its subsidiary JNC Datum Tech International, Limited.

What is a rangefinder film camera?

A rangefinder camera is a camera fitted with a rangefinder, typically a split-image rangefinder: a range-finding focusing mechanism allowing the photographer to measure the subject distance and take photographs that are in sharp focus.

What camera does Peter Parker use?

It’s Yashica Electro 35, a rangefinder type camera of the Japanese manufacturer. It also has electronically controlled light metering, first of its kind back in 60s. It has a fixed 45mm 1:1.7 lens mounted on its body.

What old cameras are worth money?

How much are classic cameras worth?

Polaroid Spectra 2 Instant $28
Polaroid 600 Land Camera Instant $30
Nikon S2 Rangefinder 35mm $340
Hasselblad 903SWC Medium $2,425

What is the best camera ever made?

  • World’s Best Digital Camera. Fuji X100F.
  • World’s Best 35mm Camera. LEICA M3.
  • World’s Best SLR. CONTAX 645.
  • World’s Best Digital SLR. Canon 5DS R.
  • Nikon’s best DSLR. Nikon D850.
  • World’s Best 35mm SLR. Nikon F6.
  • Canon’s Best 35mm SLR. Canon EOS 1V.
  • World’s Best Sports Camera and World’s Best Pro DSLR. Canon 1DX Mark II.

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