How Cold Does It Get In California??

Much of California has a Mediterranean-like climate with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters.

On the coast, the average daily high temperature hovers around 70°F and up, but can occasionally spike to 80°F or more on hottest summer days; freezing temperatures are rare, even in winter.

What is the coldest month of the year in California?


Does Los Angeles ever get cold?

Winter. Winters are mild, with average high temperatures at the Downtown/USC weather station of 68 °F (20 °C) and lows of 48 °F (9 °C), with occasional heavy rainfall. On rare occasion, temperatures can reach into the 85 to 95 °F (29 to 35 °C) range during Santa Ana Winds even in December or January.

Is California always warm?

Coastal weather throughout California changes rapidly as you head inland. In the summer, depending upon where you are, you’ll experience warmer temperatures if you go even as few as 10 miles inland. The climate in general is cold (and can be snowy) in the winter, and warm and dry in the summer.

Does California get snow?

Latest snow at Southern California ski resorts means that more terrain and a tubing park will open. It’s snow time. Mountain High in Wrightwood opened for the season Tuesday with a machine-made base that has added real snow from the storm that brought heavy rain to Los Angeles.

Is it safe to visit California right now?

For Travelers Already in California. Travelers should avoid any travel to the affected areas; Napa Valley, Sonoma County, and Yuba are the worst areas at this time. Instead, concentrate your travels in southern California, in cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego which are safe and well away from the current danger.

Where is the best place to live in California?

10 of the best places to live in California​

  • San Diego, CA​
  • Los Angeles, CA.
  • San Francisco, CA.
  • Berkeley, CA.
  • Irvine, CA. Irvine is another mid-size city with around 212,000 residents.
  • San Jose, CA. One of the largest cities in the Bay Area, San Jose has a population around 945,000.
  • Fresno, CA​​
  • Santa Barbara, CA.

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