How Did Secularization Of The Missions Affect Life In California??

In increasing numbers Indians deserted and mission buildings fell into disrepair.

Mexican independence led to the final demise of California’s mission system.

Soldiers, rancheros, and farmers coveted the rich coastal lands that the missions controlled.

Secularization was supposed to return the land to the Indians.

Why were the missions important to the settlement of California?

So the missions were important because they were the means of settling California. The missions are also important because they are some of the oldest buildings left in the state and they help us get in touch with the early history of California.

How many California missions are still standing?

There were 21 missions accompanied by military outposts in Alta California from San Diego to Sonoma, California. To facilitate travel between them on horse and foot, the mission settlements were situated approximately 30 miles (48 kilometers) apart, about one day’s journey on horseback, or three days on foot.

Why did the California mission system end?

Many forces worked together to bring an end to the mission system. Perhaps the fundamental reason was that the missions had served their purpose as the primary means of “settling” California and transforming it from a wilderness. Finally in 1831-32 the missions were “secularized” by the Mexican government.

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