how is metro pcs service in los angeles?

Is Metro PCS service any good?

Long story short, if you want a prepaid unlimited wireless plan, and you live in a good T-Mobile service area, Metro by T-Mobile is probably your best bet. It offers solid speeds and decent enough coverage for a price that’s as cheap or even cheaper than the competition.

Why is my MetroPCS service so slow?

The reason for this lagging and awful speed of the internet can be anything. Maybe the usage of too much data is one of the reasons for this issue. There could be several factors behind the slow internet of Metro PCS; however, inadequate network coverage remains on top.

How much does it cost for Metro PCS service?

MetroPCS Cell Phone Plans Review

MetroPCS Cell Phone Plans Review: Costs and Benefits
MetroPCS Cell Phone Plan Price
2G 4G LTE Data $30 per month, taxes and fees included
5GB 4G LTE Data $40 per month, taxes and fees included
Unlimited 4G LTE Data $50 per month, taxes and fees included

Is Metro PCS better than T-Mobile?

TMobile had a average download speed of 23.5 Mbps nationally, compared with 22.1 Mbps for MetroPCs. In some of the testing spots around the country, in fact, MetroPCS even outperformed its parent company.

Why is MetroPCS cheaper than T Mobile?

In short – the answer to “Why is Metro PCS cheaper than T Mobile” is their customer service is designed to be inept. Going from a $25/month cell phone plan to $30 per month cell phone plan it’s not much of a price difference but I figured I wouldn’t be able to get a refund for the unused days.

Which is better MetroPCS or cricket?

Cricket has better coverage and more consistent speeds. I’m on metro now because it has the best phone deals a month ago. Coverage is ok but it just isn’t consistent. Like others have said, you can have high speeds one moment and then completely unusable speeds the next moment, even in the same spot with full lte.

How can I pay my Metro PCS bill for free?


  1. Dial *99 to pay through our automated system.
  2. Dial 888-8metro8 for Customer Service.
  3. Use the MyMetro app for debit/credit card payments.

Can MetroPCS see your Internet history?

Yes. T-Mobile has access to your entire internet access history. However they do not release that information to anyone other than law enforcement agencies with a court order (subpoena). And using “Incognito Mode” doesn’t block this as was said by Mr Hausner in another answer..

Is hotspot unlimited with Metro PCS?

MetroPCS is one of the first prepaid carriers to have Mobile Hotspot INCLUDED ON ALL DATA RATE PLANS. So, you can use your data the way you want to! And, now, our $60 Unlimited Smartphone Data Plan has 33% more high-speed data with its hotspot – going from 6GB to 8GB!

Does MetroPCS have deals for existing customers?

Promotional Rate Plan: Upgrade existing line of Metro® by T-Mobile service on current $60 unlimited rate plan, upgrade to new device purchased at Metro, and receive $30 monthly credit when adding new line of service on a reactivated Metro device or BYOD.

What is MetroPCS cheapest plan?

Metro. Metro. Get our lowest price on Unlimited for $25/line. Get our lowest price on Unlimited for $25/line.

Does MetroPCS have a senior discount?

Metropcs Senior Citizen Discount Overview

You can get the best discount of up to 50% off.

Is Verizon better than T-Mobile?

Verizon wins the coverage battle over TMobile’s network, but then again, Verizon wins the coverage battle against every provider. Expect reliable coverage with either carrier, but Verizon goes above and beyond, especially in rural areas.

What specials does MetroPCS have on phones?

Best Metro by T-Mobile deals:

  • Get a new iPhone SE for $49.99.
  • Get a free phone when you switch.
  • Get an unlimited line for $40 per month when you bring your own phone.
  • Get 4 free Samsung Galaxy A01 phones.
  • Get 2 free LG phones and 2 free tablets.
  • Get the Samsung Galaxy A51 for just $99.
  • Get a free OnePlus Nord.
  • Get 50% off the Timex Family Connect.

Can I switch from MetroPCS to tmobile?

T- Mobile and MetroPCS are the same network. MetroPCS will want confirmation that the other phone is no longer active on T-Mobile’s network. Otherwise all you have to do is pop your MetroPCS Sim Card into the T-Mobile phone and call MetroPCS with the info to activate it.

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