Question: How Long Does It Take To Sun Dry Raisins??

Spread out on the paper trays, the grapes sit in the baking sun for about two to three weeks, depending on how hot temperatures get.

During that time, the intense summer heat caramelizes the natural sugars in the grapes, giving raisins their distinctive color and flavor.

How long does it take for a grape to turn into a raisin?

three days

How are grapes processed into raisins?

Grapes are harvested in August through September. While drying on trays, the grapes’ moisture content is reduced from 75% to under 15% and the color of the fruit changes to a brownish purple. After the fruit is dried, the paper trays are rolled up around the raisins to form a package.

Where do most raisins come from?

The majority of the world’s supply of raisins comes from California, dried from Thompson seedless (95 percent), muscadine, or Black Corinth (Zante) grapes. In 1873, California suffered a devastating drought which literally dried the grapes on the vine.16 Jan 2019

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