Question: Which California State University Is The Best??

San Diego State and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo probably have the best academic reputations of all of the CSUs.

Ranking of Cal State Schools.

School US News Ranking

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


San Diego State

140 (National Universities)

Cal Poly Pomona


San Jose State


19 more rows

How many colleges and universities are in California?

California Colleges and Universities. See 264 California Four Year Colleges and Universities from our extensive database of 745 California Colleges, Community Colleges, and Trade Schools. California is home to many great cities in the US and similarly many universities.

How many UCS are there in California?

nine UC

Which Cal State is the hardest to get into?


  • University of California, Santa Cruz.
  • University of California, Santa Cruz.
  • University of the Pacific.
  • University of the Pacific.
  • California State University, Long Beach.
  • California State University, Long Beach.
  • Loyola Marymount University.
  • Loyola Marymount University.

Which Cal State is the cheapest?

Top 15 Cheapest Colleges in California

  1. California State University–Los Angeles.
  2. California State University–Fresno.
  3. California State University–Long Beach.
  4. California State University–Fullerton.
  5. California State University–Dominguez Hills.
  6. California State University–Monterey Bay.
  7. San Diego State University–Imperial Valley.

What is the most expensive college in California?

Most Expensive Colleges in California by In State Tuition

In State Tuition College Rating
$54,347 In State Tuition 1) Harvey Mudd College Claremont, Private Not For Profit 97
$53,448 In State Tuition 2) University of Southern California Los Angeles, Private Not For Profit 97

18 more rows

What’s the best college in California?

Best Colleges & Universities in California Top Consensus Ranked Schools 2018

  • Stanford University. 86.3.
  • Pomona College. 84.5.
  • Claremont McKenna College. 82.9.
  • Harvey Mudd College. 80.4.
  • California Institute of Technology. 78.1.
  • University of California-Berkeley.
  • Scripps College.
  • University of California-Los Angeles.

Is Cal and UC Berkeley the same thing?

The reason that Berkeley is called Cal is because the school was originally named the University of California. UCLA, UC Davis, UC Riverside, and UCSF were all branches of the University of California based in Berkeley. It was only later that the branches became their own campuses.

What is the best UC school in California?

9 UC campuses ranked among world’s best universities

  1. UC Berkeley, fourth.
  2. UCLA, 12th.
  3. UC San Diego, 14th.
  4. UC San Francisco, 18th.
  5. UC Santa Barbara, 41st.
  6. UC Irvine, 47th.
  7. UC Davis, 55th.
  8. UC Santa Cruz, 93rd.

Which university in USA is the cheapest?

25 Cheapest State Universities and Colleges

  • Sitting Bull College, ND $938.
  • South Texas College $1,317.
  • University of Texas-Pan American $1,646.
  • Indian River State College $2,138.
  • California State University-Dominguez Hills $2,451.
  • California State University-Los Angeles $3,263.
  • Elizabeth City State University, NC $3,335.

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