Quick Answer: What Is California’s Homeownership Rate??


What is the majority race in California?

By ethnicity, 38.8% of the total population is Hispanic-Latino (of any race) and 61.4% Non-Hispanic (of any race). Hispanics are the largest ethnic group in California. In 2015, California had the largest ethnic/racial minority population in the United States.

What percent of Californians are renters?

According to the PPIC Statewide Survey (May and September 2017), 47 percent of Californians— including 61 percent of renters—say housing costs are a financial strain on themselves and their families.

Are there more renters or homeowners in California?

Renters are more worried than homeowners about California’s housing woes. You do not have to be a pollster to figure this out. For example, the survey of 1,702 California adults shows 13 percent of renters say real estate costs were their top California concern. Just 7 percent of homeowners felt the same way.

What is the percentage of homeownership in the United States?

In 1990, the United States ranked 10th of the 18 countries, solidly in the middle of the group and, with a 63.9 percent homeownership rate, just above the average. By 2015, however, the US was the fifth lowest, with a rate of 63.7 percent, well below the 69.6 percent average.

What is homeownership rate?

The percentage of homes that are owned by their occupants. The homeownership rate is computed by dividing the number of owner-occupied housing units by the total number of occupied housing units.

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