How Many McDonalds Are There In The World In 2018??

According to the McDonald’s Corporation website (as of January 2018), McDonald’s has locations in 101 countries.

More than 36,000 restaurants around the world serve 69 million people every day.25 Jan 2019

How many McDonalds are in the US?

The statistic shows the number of McDonald’s restaurants in North America from 2012 to 2016, by country. There were 14,146 McDonald’s restaurants in the United States in 2016 and 1,450 McDonald’s restaurants in Canada.

How many McDonald’s are there in the world?


Is McDonalds in every state?

The Number Of McDonald’s In All 50 States. Bloomberg recently reported that the state of McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) franchises has changed. Now, as the U.S. nears saturation, with more than 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants, the chain is trying to draw more sales out of each store and closing underperforming locations.4 Sep 2016

Did McDonald Brothers get royalties?

Since McDonald’s was cash-poor in 1961, Ray asked the brothers if he could pay their requested $2.7 million over time. The brothers said no, that if Ray couldn’t come up with the cash, they’d continue to collect their .5% royalty. Harry found a backer, and the brothers got their money.

Who currently owns McDonald’s?

McDonald’s is an American fast food company, founded in 1940 as a restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, United States. In 1955, Ray Kroc, a businessman, joined the company as a franchise agent and proceeded to purchase the chain from the McDonald brothers.

Are there more subways or Mcdonalds in the US?

Starbucks now has more locations in the US than McDonald’s, but it’s still not America’s biggest chain. Starbucks now has more locations in the United States than McDonald’s. However, the largest chain in American remains Subway, with more than 25,800 sandwich shops across the country.

What country does not have mcdonalds?

McDonald’s may seem to be everywhere, but there are still 105 countries without the fast food giant, from Ghana to Jamaica to Yemen to Tajikistan. And in six countries, McDonald’s once had a presence, but due to economics, and sometimes politics, the franchises closed.

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