Quick Answer: How Many Military Bases Are In The US??

800 military bases

What is the largest military base in the world?

Fort Bragg is currently the largest US Army base, in terms of population.

  • Fort Bragg (population: 238,646, area: 163,000 acres)
  • Fort Campbell (population: 234,914, area: 105,000 acres)
  • Fort Hood Military Base (population: 217,003, area: 214,968 acres)

Which branch of the US military is the most powerful?

Greatest Military Branches in the World

  1. 1 United States Marine Corps. The United States Marines are by far the most feared fighting force in the world as a whole.
  2. 2 U.S. Army. The U.S ARMY is the strongest branch.
  3. 3 British Army. Best in the world.
  4. 4 French Foreign Legion.
  5. 5 U.S. Navy.
  6. 6 Australian Army.
  7. 7 U.S. Air Force.
  8. 8 Canadian Army.

What US state has the most military bases?

Find out which states have the most military installations

  • California Military Bases. google earth.
  • Florida Military Bases. gettys.
  • Texas Military Bases. The major bases of Texas include:
  • Virginia Military Bases. gettys.
  • New York Military Bases.
  • Alabama Military Bases.
  • Tennessee Military Bases.
  • Georgia Military Bases.

What is the most important military base in the US?

The most “important” military installations in the United States are: Naval Station Norfolk – The largest naval base in the world and the United States Fleet Forces Command which controls all of the US naval operations in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean.

Where is the US military deployed?

The military of the United States is deployed in more than 150 countries around the world, with approximately 165,000 of its active-duty personnel serving outside the United States and its territories.

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