Quick Answer: How Much Is Universal Studios Tickets At AAA??

$95; $87 (ages 3-9).

Front of Line passes and 2-day tickets are available; details are available at participating AAA offices.

Rates and availability of attractions may vary; phone ahead.

Save on one-day general admission tickets purchased online at AAA.com/universalhollywood.

How much are tickets at the gate of Universal Studios?

A one-day, park-to-park ticket at the gate will be $169 for an adult and $164 for a child. The one-park ticket will be $119 for an adult and $114 for a child, if bought at the gate, according to WESH. The increase in price only affects one-day tickets purchased at the gate, so plan ahead.

What’s included in Universal Studios ticket?

There are a variety of other ticket types, including General Admission, Annual Pass, Universal Express™, and the VIP Experience.

How much is a day pass at Universal Studios?

Following Walt Disney World’s lead, Universal Orlando has raised its ticket prices. Current one-day single-park admission now starts at $110, up from $105. Park-to-park tickets start at $165, up from $155. Prices vary by time of year. Adult peak-season tickets cost $124 for one park and $179 for two.

Are there AAA discounts for Universal Studios?

One-day general admission. Offer available in branch or online only; not available at front gate. AAA members who show their AAA membership card at the gate can save $3 on a full-priced one-day general ticket.

Is it cheaper to buy Universal tickets in advance?

Yes, you can buy your tickets in advance through our Online Ticket Store and save money vs. the front gate. Note: Online savings do not apply to ANYTIME ADMISSION™ tickets or same day purchase of 1-Day General Admission tickets..

Does Universal Studios ticket include Harry Potter?

Is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter an entirely separate theme park? Nope, it’s just a themed land—albeit an incredibly immersive one—in the middle of Universal Studios Hollywood. No. Access is included with a park ticket, which ranges from $105 to $116 depending on the day.

How much are tickets for Universal Studios in California?

The cost of a peak-demand daily ticket for Universal Studios Hollywood was boosted over the weekend to $129 from $120 at the front gate. Visitors can save up to $20 off that price by booking tickets online. California residents can save up to $30 off the gate price with an online purchase.

Can I take food into Universal Studios?

Visitors may bring into Universal Studios Hollywood bottled water (maximum 2 liters), small snacks, any food required for medical purposes and medically-indicated nutritional supplements, any food required for special dietary needs, baby food/baby formula and soft-sided insulated bags no larger than 8.5” wide x 6” high

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