Question: How Much Do Farm Workers Get Paid In California??

Many farmworkers are paid an hourly rate higher than California’s minimum wage—$10.00 or $10.50 an hour in 2017, depending on whether the employer has 25 or less, or 26 or more employees, respectively—and workers who are paid piece rates, which reflect how much they pick or prune, often earn $12 to $14 an hour.

How much do farm workers get paid per hour?

The average pay for a Farm Worker is $11.08 per hour.

How much do migrant workers get paid in California?

She said garment workers, who are often paid by the piece, earn an average of $5 to $6 an hour — far below California’s $10.50 minimum wage. Factory owners, many of whom are themselves immigrants, get away with it because a large number of workers are undocumented and afraid to speak out.

How much do field workers make a year?

The state Department of Labor did not determine an average hourly wage, so we did our own rough calculation. Although field workers often work 12-hour days, we based our figures on a 40-hour workweek to be conservative. We found that crop workers make about $9.18 an hour. Vegetable and melon workers were near $7.78.

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