Question: How Much Does An RDA Make An Hour??

Rda Salaries

Job Title Salary
Pacific Dental Services Rda salaries – 9 salaries reported $18/hr
Smile Brands Rda salaries – 8 salaries reported $15/hr
Western Dental Services Rda salaries – 4 salaries reported $18/hr
DentalOne Partners Rda salaries – 4 salaries reported $17/hr

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How much do registered dental assistants make an hour?

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Registered Dental Assistant Salaries.

Job Title Salary
Montefiore Medical Registered Dental Assistant salaries – 1 salaries reported $20/hr

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How do I become an RDA in California?

To qualify for RDA examinations, candidates must:

  • Graduate from a Board-approved RDA educational program; or.
  • Complete at least 15 months (1,280 hours) of satisfactory work experience as a dental assistant with a dentist licensed in one of the states in the United States; or.

How much do dental assistants get paid in California?

Average Dental Assistant Hourly Wage in California. Dental Assistants earn an average hourly wage of $13.96. Hourly wages typically start from $9.08 and go up to $21.06. Learn more about the Dental Assistant job market for salaries of real jobs in your area.

How much does a DA make in California?

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Assistant District Attorney in California Salaries.

Job Title Location Salary
San Francisco District Attorney’s Office Assistant District Attorney salaries – 3 salaries reported California $115,000/yr

What’s the difference between a certified dental assistant and registered?

Is a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) the Same as a CDA? CDAs and RDAs are two different titles for dental assistants. CDAs hold a national certification obtained through the DANB, whereas registered dental assistants (RDAs) must pass state-specific requirements, which vary state to state.

How much do certified dental assistants make?

Average and Median Salaries. As of 2011, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that dental assistants working in the United States earn an average of $16.70 an hour and $34,740 per year.

What can a registered dental assistant do?

Registered Dental Assistant: Job Duties and Education Requirements. Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a registered dental assistant. Some tasks RDAs perform include completing administrative paperwork, cleaning dental equipment and assisting dentists with patients.

How much do NYC district attorneys make?

New York County District Attorney employees with the job title District Attorney make the most with an average annual salary of $96,226, while employees with the title Paralegal make the least with an average annual salary of $40,500.

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