How Much Do Veterinarians Make An Hour In California??

Average Veterinarian Hourly Wage in California.

Veterinarians earn an average hourly wage of $53.56.

Hourly wages typically start from $12.18 and go up to $120.19.

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How much do veterinarians make in 2018?

As of May 2016, the annual median income for veterinarians was $88,770, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The lowest 10 percent earned an average of $52,470, while the top 10 percent brought home an average of $161,070. Vets in Hawaii earned the most, with an annual mean wage of $201,250.

What is the highest paying state for veterinarians?

Geographically, the state with the highest average salary for veterinarians was Connecticut, at $125,810. New Jersey, Hawaii, the District of Columbia and Pennsylvania were also among the highest-paid jurisdictions.

How much do vets make a month in California?

How much does a Veterinarian make in California?

City Average salary
Veterinarian in San Martin, CA 109 salaries $106,379 per year
Veterinarian in Los Angeles, CA 44 salaries $125,008 per year
Veterinarian in San Diego, CA 23 salaries $84,317 per year
Veterinarian in San Jose, CA 8 salaries $113,863 per year

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