How Long Is A Fictitious Business Name Good For In California??

A fictitious business name statement expires five years from the date it is filed in the County Clerk.

A renewal of a fictitious business name statement must be filed prior to the date of expiration if you intend to continue doing business under that name and if there are no changes from the original.

How do I get a fictitious business name in California?

To file a Fictitious Business Name Statement in person:

  • Search the “Index of Fictitious Business Names” located at the Recorder/County Clerk’s office or online to ensure the name you intend to file IS NOT already registered.
  • Complete the filing form provided.

How much does it cost for a fictitious business name?

The filing fee ranges from $10 to $100; however, you may also be required to post a statement of intent to use a fictitious name in a local newspaper before you can file the fictitious name statement.

How much is a DBA in Los Angeles?

As of publication, it costs $26 to file an application for fictitious business name statement with the Los Angeles County Registrar.

Is fictitious business name required in California?

Under California laws, there is no need for a business owner to register a DBA or a fictitious business name so long as the business’ name includes your last name. This is because, under California law, a business name is not a fictitious name if it includes your last name.

Do I need a fictitious name for an LLC?

No. DBA filings are only required if you are operating a corporation or LLC under a name other than its legal name as filed with the state. In most states, DBAs (unlike corporations or LLCs) do not guarantee exclusive use of a name.

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