What Is The Average Rainfall In California??

21.44 inches

How many days a year does it rain in California?

It Doesn’t Rain Often. As you’d expect for sunny Southern California, nine out of 10 days are dry. Downtown L.A. only averages 36 days a year with measurable precipitation. Both Chicago and New York typically have 3 to 4 times more wet days per year than Los Angeles.

Which state gets the most rain per year?

Florida, Louisiana and Alabama were the wettest states, while California, Montana, Nevada and Arizona were the driest (Las Vegas took the top spot for driest city). Average rainfall was highest in the United States between July and September and lowest between January and March.

How many inches of rain did Southern California get?

The area has seen 15.5 inches of rain this water year, which began Oct. 1, surpassing the average for the entire year of 14.93 inches. This represents the region getting 173% of average precipitation for this time of year. Typically, the downtown area sees less than 9 inches in that time frame.

What is the average rainfall in Northern California?

This includes the days when precipitation amounts to 0.01 inches (0.25 millimetres) or more. The annual precipitation totals are averages based on weather data collected from 1981 to 2010 for the NOAA National Climatic Data Center.

Northern California.

Days 73
Place Petaluma
Inches 26.7
Millimetres 677

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What is the rainiest month in California?

The driest month in Los Angeles County is July with 0.01 inches of precipitation, and with 3.68 inches February is the wettest month.

What month has the most rain in California?

As can be seen in Figure 1, about half the annual precipitation total arrives in the three-month period from December through February and 90% of the annual precipitation falls between October 1 and April 30. During this time period, winter storms come off the Pacific Ocean delivering rain and snow to California.

What month rains the most in California?

California’s Mediterranean climate means that most rain every year falls during four months: December, January, February and March. In Los Angeles, 78 percent of the annual total, on average, occurs in those four months.

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