Quick Answer: How Much Rainfall Does Los Angeles Get??

“Normal” or average seasonal precipitation for Downtown Los Angeles, typically provided by the National Weather Service, is 14.93 inches, based upon the average for seasons from 1981 through 2010.

What is the average yearly rainfall in California?

The average annual precipitation for California is 21.44 inches.

What month does it start to rain in California?

The first sporadic rainfall of the rainy season usually occurs in October or November, with heavy rain becoming more common December through early April. Usually the Pineapple Express storms from November to January. February, on average, is the wettest month.

When was the last rainfall in California?

Southern California is seeing one of its driest starts to the water year in decades, the National Weather Service said Wednesday. Since the start of the water year on Oct. 1 through Dec. 31, downtown Los Angeles has received just 0.12 of an inch of rain.

Why does California rain so much?

Atmospheric rivers move huge amounts of water through the air above us—and dump rain and snow on land. Powerful rainstorms have battered Northern California this week. The rains were born far away, deep in the tropical Pacific, where water evaporated from the warm ocean surface and fizzed into the atmosphere.

How much rain does Los Angeles get per year?

Los Angeles, California gets 17 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 39 inches of rain per year. Los Angeles averages 0 inches of snow per year. The US average is 26 inches of snow per year.

What is the rainiest month in Southern California?

The rainiest months in Southern California are December through March. Since Oct. 1, downtown L.A. has recorded 7.4 inches.

Why does it never rain in California?

Rain patterns are changing. In the Southwest, meanwhile, rainfall is suppressed by a northward expansion of high pressure in the subtropics. The crippling drought now plaguing California is due to a persistent high pressure system off of the coast that is deflecting storms away from the region.

Where is the best place to live in California?

10 of the best places to live in California​

  • San Diego, CA​
  • Los Angeles, CA.
  • San Francisco, CA.
  • Berkeley, CA.
  • Irvine, CA. Irvine is another mid-size city with around 212,000 residents.
  • San Jose, CA. One of the largest cities in the Bay Area, San Jose has a population around 945,000.
  • Fresno, CA​​
  • Santa Barbara, CA.

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