How Often Can A Landlord Inspect A Property NZ??

They can’t give notice more than 14 days before the inspection.

Inspections must take place between 8am and 7pm.

It’s a good idea for the landlord to speak with the tenant to arrange a time that is convenient.

Landlords can inspect only once in any four week period.

How many inspections can a landlord do?

Periodic Inspections: 7 days written notice – the landlord can access the premises to conduct general inspections a maximum of 4 times in any 12 month period. The landlord must give at least 7 days written notice.

Is it legal for a landlord to inspect your apartment?

No. If your landlord wants to come into your home to make non-emergency repairs, or inspect the apartment, they must give you “reasonable notice.” This means at least 24 hours notice. Exception: If there is an emergency, your landlord can enter after a shorter notice or without notice.

Can I refuse entry to landlord?

Tenants may refuse a landlord entry if they have not given proper legal notice to enter. Likewise, the landlord can pursue the same remedy against the tenant if the tenant is unreasonably denying them access to the unit.

How often can you inspect a rental property?

Read your lease to see whether an inspection is specified in the lease. Landlords often inspect once a year, but some inspect a rental property twice a year or quarterly. Whatever the case, you are entitled to get notice, usually 24 or 48 hours in advance, before your landlord comes by to do the inspection.

Can landlord enter property without tenant present?

According to Section 11 from The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 your landlord must give you 24 hours’ notice before entering the property for any reason. Just like any other person, if your landlord is accessing your property without permission, they can be found guilty of harassment.

Can I refuse landlord inspection?

It is the tenant’s right to refuse access if the tenant wishes. However, refusal to let the landlord inspect at all, will put the tenant in breach of the tenancy agreement. Normally a tenant will refuse access because they wish to be present at the inspection visit and the suggested appointment date is not convenient.

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