How Do I Become A LVN In California??

In order to become a California Licensed Vocational Nurse, one has to complete a vocational nursing program approved by the state and pass a licensing exam.

The only requirement for an entry in a LVN education program is a high school diploma, or its equivalent.

How long does it take to become an LVN in California?

There are even some schools in California which follow the “ladder concept”, meaning you may have to complete a CAN (Certified Nursing Assistant) program first before applying. In comparison to becoming an RN (registered nurse), which may take two to four years, an LVN program usually takes about one year to complete.

What is the average salary for an LVN in California?

In 2016, the last year the Bureau of Labor Statistics did a salary survey, California LVNs earned a median average salary of $52,670 per year.

Can I challenge the LVN exam in California?

D&D can help you become a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) in the State of California through the “Equivalency Method.” Eligible candidates can challenge the NCLEX-PN exam based on their work experience and education without attending a traditional LVN Program. 6 weeks or 240 hours pediatric nursing.

What is the best LVN school in California?

Top Ranked California LVN Programs

  • Professional Medical Careers Institute.
  • Clovis Adult Education School.
  • Unitek College – Hayward.
  • Long Beach City College.
  • College of the Redwoods.
  • Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts, Modesto.
  • Fresno Adult School.
  • Southern California Medical College.

How long is LVN to RN program?

An LVN who went straight into an associate degree program after graduation might become an RN in as little as three years of full-time school — one year to complete prerequisites and two years for the RN program itself.

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