Quick Answer: How Much Does A Border Patrol Agent Make In California??

How much does a Border Patrol Agent make in California?

Company Average salary
Department of Homeland Security Border Patrol Agent 10 salaries $99,219 per year

Border Patrol Border Patrol Agent 5 salaries

$75,296 per year

Do you need a college degree to be a Border Patrol agent?

Education and Training to Prepare. In addition to possible benefits from completing an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or a related field, once hired, future border patrol agents will also be required to complete an academy for training.21 Sep 2014

How long does it take to become a Border Patrol agent?

Eligibility to become a basic agent includes a minimum of one year of previous experience in law enforcement or a security related field. If you have an undergraduate or graduate degree in law enforcement or criminal justice, you may be hired into a higher level position.27 Jul 2018

Do you get paid while in the Border Patrol Academy?

In addition to starting pay and overtime opportunities, new border patrol agents receive a uniform allowance of $1,500. Recruits get paid their regular salaries every two weeks while at the Border Patrol Academy for basic training, plus free meals and a small daily allowance for incidental expenses.

How much does a Border Patrol make an hour?

The average pay for a Border Patrol Agent is $25.00 per hour. The average pay for a Border Patrol Agent is $58,098 per year.

What benefits do Border Patrol get?

Border Patrol Agents are also provided with opportunities to earn overtime pay. In addition, Agents will receive a uniform allowance of $1500.00 and an excellent Federal Government benefits package including life insurance, health insurance, liberal retirement benefits, and a thrift savings plan (401-K).

How do you become a US Border Patrol?

The process for becoming a border patrol agent will be similar to the steps below.

  • Acquire the necessary education and/or experience described above.
  • Apply for an open position on the USAJOBS website.
  • Take and pass the CBP Border Patrol Entrance Exam at a location of your choice.

How many questions are on the Border Patrol exam?

You may take this booklet with you. In addition to the 80 exam questions, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will be administering six voluntary process evaluation questions. The first three questions, located in Section 1, will take place before you begin the test.

What do Border Patrol agents make a year?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ current Occupational Outlook Handbook classifies border patrol officers under police and detectives and lists the median annual average salary at $62,960.

Can you become a Border Patrol agent with a criminal record?

Answer: No, but it might make you unsuitable to become a border patrol agent. This, however, will be determined by the CBP hiring officers. Automatic disqualifiers are felony convictions and conviction for the misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.

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