Question: How Much Does A Journeyman Electrician Make In California??

Average Electrician Yearly Salary in California.

Electricians earn an average yearly salary of $43,223.

Salaries typically start from $22,952 and go up to $73,400.

How long does it take to become a journeyman electrician?

After completing an apprenticeship, which typically takes three to five years, and passing an exam, you can become a journeyman. Another three or four years of working as a journeyman gives you enough experience to qualify to take the exam to become a master plumber or electrician.

How do I get my electrician license in California?

After sufficient on-the-job experience, you can sit for the electrician certification exam. Enroll in an electrical program at an approved college or trade school. Visit the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards to find a school in your area. Obtain employment as an electrical trainee.26 Sep 2017

How do I get my journeyman electrician license?

Journeyman electricians must hold a high school diploma or GED before enrolling in an apprentice training program. Journeyman electrician apprentices must complete four years of work, which includes classroom and fieldwork training.

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