How Much Do Locksmiths Make In California??

Average Locksmith Yearly Salary in California.

Locksmiths earn an average yearly salary of $52,590.

Salaries typically start from $33,120 and go up to $74,310.

How long does it take to become a certified locksmith?

It can take several months to complete a locksmith training course. Some programs take as few as two months to complete, while others take four or more. On-the-job training can take additional months or years to complete. Apprenticeships typically last two to three years.

How much does it cost to become a locksmith?

Certification through the Associated Locksmiths of America costs $60-$300 per exam. For example, to become a Certified Registered Locksmith, ALOA members pay $60 ($100 computer-based test) and non-members pay $215 ($300 computer-based test).

How do I get a locksmith license?

To apply for a Locksmith Company license you must:

  • Submit the application for licensure along with the application and license fee.
  • Submit two recent passport-quality photographs.
  • Submit a Locksmith Company Live Scan form signed by the Live Scan Operator, including the ATI number.

How much money does a locksmith make a year?

An average locksmith salary, it’s probably anywhere between $40,000 to $60,000 a year. Then, you have people that provide emergency services, technicians that work at night will make a substantial amount more — probably double if the company has enough work to provide.

Do locksmiths make good money?

Yes a locksmith can make lot of money, But it depends on the quality of service and reviews or appreciation a locksmith is getting. I would say that automotive locksmiths and commercial locksmiths stand to make the best money. Also on call locksmiths can make some good earnings.

How do I become a certified automotive locksmith?

Apply for an auto locksmith or locksmith license if required in your state or city. Some states, including Illinois and North Carolina, require that you pass an exam and pay an annual fee to become licensed to work as a locksmith.

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