Question: How Long Does It Take To Get An Uncontested Divorce In California??


California’s residency requirement for divorce is six months, so you must live in the state at least this long before you can file.

After you file and serve your petition for divorce on your spouse, she has 30 days to answer it.

How much is an uncontested divorce in California?

The filing fee for a divorce petition is $435. For the spouse filing a response to that petition, the fee is also $435. You may pay additional court fees depending on your county. Additional costs for your divorce will vary depending on which route you take to resolve it.27 Feb 2019

How do I file for a uncontested divorce?

If you qualify to file for a no fault divorce, there are some basic steps you must take.

  • You must file a “Petition for Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage.”
  • You must serve your spouse with the Petition and a Summons (different states have different service processes and rules about who can serve the papers.

What is the process of an uncontested divorce?

Uncontested divorces usually have streamlined paperwork, in which property and child custody information is filed, along with a statement of the grounds for divorce. If the other side agrees to the divorce (in other words, doesn’t “contest” it) or fails to make an appearance, it can be granted by the court.

What happens if spouse does not respond to divorce papers California?

When one spouse in California files a petition for divorce, the other spouse must be formally served with papers. When a spouse doesn’t respond to a divorce petition, the person who failed to file the answer to the court will lose his or her rights to make arguments about property division, support, and child custody.

Can you date while separated in California?

Technically the answer is yes because California is a no-fault state. However, if you have children, be advised that dating while legally separated could influence child custody arrangements. So, my advice if you decide to date is to proceed with caution.

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