Quick Answer: How Do You Get A VIN Verification??

What to do:

  • Bring your vehicle to a DMV Inspection Lane. See locations and hours.
  • After VIN is verified, you will receive a verification form, which will be required to register your vehicle at DMV.
  • Proceed to a DMV Hub Office or Limited Service Office to register your vehicle with your verification form.

What is a VIN verification in California?

The VIN verification is a physical inspection and consists of verifying that the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on your vehicle matches the one on the documents being used to register your vehicle with the California DMV, and that the vehicle has a U.S. Federal Certification Label that matches the VIN.

How much does a VIN verification cost?

The fee for the VIN verification is $10 payable directly to VIN verification station. If your VIN cannot be verified at the station, you will receive a document that must be brought to a DMV Inspection Lane.

How do I become a VIN verifier in California?

To become a licensed vehicle verifier in California, applicants must submit a completed application, including the following forms:

  1. OL 19 – Application for a Vehicle Verifier’s Permit.
  2. OL 26 – Surety Bond of Vehicle Verifier ($5,000)
  3. OL 29 – Application for Occupational License Personal History Questionnaire, Part B.

How long does a VIN check take?

about ten minutes

Does CT require VIN verification?

Vehicle identification number (VIN) verifications are required to register some motor vehicles. Cars, pickup trucks and motorcycles must have a VIN verified at VIN verification test center. Unique vehicles (see vehicle list here) must have a VIN verified at a DMV Inspection Lane.

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