Question: How Much Is An Insurance License In California??

If you wish to get your Property & Casualty AND your Life, Accident, & Health licenses, you will need to apply for each license separately, and pay the $170 fee each time.

Fill out your online application on the California Department of Insurance FLASH web page.

How long does it take to get insurance license in California?

All applicants are required to take 12 hours of Ethics and California Insurance Code Pre-licensing Education. On top of that applicants must take another 20 hours of General Insurance Pre-licensing Education in the field they wish to specialize in.

How long does it take to get an insurance license?

As other posts have noted, “how long” it takes to get a license varies by state. Most insurance licenses have a classroom requirement: For example, New York State’s insurance pre-licensing requirements are: Life & Accident & Health – 40 Hours (minimum 20 classroom hours)

How do I get an insurance license?

How to Get a New York Insurance License

  • Complete a Pre-licensing Course. If you would like to sell insurance in New York, you must complete an approved line of pre-licensing education and pass the state licensing exam.
  • Pass a Licensing Exam. Making Exam Reservations.
  • Apply for License.

Do you need a license to sell life insurance in California?

If you would like to sell insurance as an insurance producer in California, you must pass a licensing exam. To prepare for the licensing exam, you must take a state approved insurance course. In California, 12 hours of Ethics & Code must also be completed for the following lines of insurance: 20 hours – Life Only Agent.

Do you need a license to sell insurance in California?

To qualify for the California insurance license exam, you must complete a pre-licensing insurance course that is certified by the California Department of Insurance (CDI). Each course includes the required 12 hours of Ethics and California Insurance Code.

How much does it cost to get a life insurance license?

Would-be agents are usually required to complete 20 hours of a training course, 7.5 hours of which must be in-person. A typical course may cost between $100 and $200.

What are the different types of insurance licenses?

The types of Insurance Licenses covered in this procedure include: Life-Only Agent (LO), Accident and Health (AH), Property Broker-Agent (PR), Casualty Broker-Agent (CA), Limited Lines Automobile Insurance Agent (AU), Personal Lines Broker-Agent (PL), Motor Club Agent (MC), Registered Administrator (RA), Surplus Line

How do you get a California driver’s license?

To apply for a DL, you must complete a Driver License and Identification Card Application and pay any licensing fees. For current licensing fees, visit You will be required to take a knowledge test, vision exam, photograph, and, if necessary, a driving test.

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