How Do I Get A Copy Of My Article Of Incorporation??


  • Go to the website of your state’s secretary of state.
  • Find the online business directory.
  • Enter information about the business.
  • Download the articles of incorporation.
  • Contact the secretary of state’s office if you can’t find what you need.

Are Articles of Incorporation public record?

Most states’ databases include images of all public filings, including the corporation’s articles of incorporation and state annual reports. Alternatively, you can call the business registrar’s office directly and obtain a copy of any public document for any corporation registered in the state.

Where do I file my articles of incorporation?

What’s Included in Your Articles of Incorporation. Articles of incorporation vary slightly from state to state, but most states have similar requirements. You can access your form by visiting your state’s business filing agency online. In most states, this means the secretary of state’s or attorney general’s website.

How do I file articles of incorporation in California?

How to Form a Corporation in California

  1. Choose a Corporate Name.
  2. Prepare and File Articles of Incorporation.
  3. Appoint a Registered Agent.
  4. Set Up a Corporate Records Book.
  5. Prepare Corporate Bylaws.
  6. Appoint Initial Corporate Directors.
  7. Hold Your First Board of Directors Meeting.
  8. Issue Stock.

Do I need a certified copy of articles of incorporation?

Business owners occasionally need to get copies of their most important state-filed documents, such as Articles of Incorporation and amendments. Certified Copies are state-issued, exact copies of your original business documents. banks, in order to open a business checking account.

Where can I find my articles of organization?

How to File Articles of Organization for an LLC

  • Visit Your State’s Secretary of State Website. Find the information on the website that describes the requirements for the articles of organization.
  • Gather the Information You Need for Filing.
  • Prepare to Answer Questions Concerning Your LLC’s Organization and Purpose.
  • Complete the Form.

Can I change my articles of incorporation?

In most states, you would file articles of amendment with the state to make changes to your articles of incorporation. If the shareholders approve the change to the articles of incorporation, the amended document must be sent to your state’s secretary of state for filing (there is usually a fee for filing this change.

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