Question: How Much Does It Cost To Get A Learner’s Permit In California??

You need to take a 46-question written test.

To pass the exam, you need to get 38 correct answers at least.

Once you pass the exam, you’ll need to pay a $35 application fee, which covers your provisional learner’s permit and driver license.

How can I get my drivers permit?

How do I get a learner’s permit?

  • Pass a written knowledge test.
  • Pass a vision test to show that you can see well enough to drive.
  • Provide documents that verify your identity, age, and home address (residency) in your state.
  • Complete a driver’s education (driver’s ed) course.

Can you walk in for a permit test California?

Otherwise, you won’t have to take a driving test. You must transfer your out-of-state license in person at your local DMV office. Currently, only four offices accept walk-ins as well as appointments; the rest are by appointment only. You can make an appointment online or by calling the DMV at 1-800-777-0133.

Do you have to have your parents with you to get a permit?

Q. Do my parents need to come with me to get a driver’s license or an instruction permit? A.If you are under the age of 16, yes (one parent or guardian). If you are over 16, no, unless you have not had your parent certify your SO hours of driving time.23 Jan 2013

Can I take my permit test online?

Take the required Florida permit test online right away, so you can earn your learners license and get on the road as soon as possible! is a DHSMV-approved provider of the online learners permit test. With our convenient online test, you can skip a trip to the DMV office.

Can I drive with just a permit?

No, you cannot drive alone with just a learner’s (driver’s) permit in the state of New York. Here it states that no matter what age you are, if you hold a learner permit, you may not drive: Unless accompanied by a supervising driver at least age 21 who has a license valid for operating the vehicle you are driving.

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