Can I Get My Social Security Number Online??

If you think your Social Security card has been stolen or is lost then you should contact your local police department to file a report.

You can also contact the Social Security Administration (SSA) at 1-800-772-1213 or go online to ask for a Social Security Card replacement.

How do I get a Social Security card in California?

The first step in applying for a replacement or new social security card in California is the required SS-5 Application form. This can be completed online in a process where you provide basic information such as: names, date of birth, address etc.

Who is eligible for a Social Security number?

A social security number is a nine-digit identification number given to U.S. Citizens, permanent residents, and non-immigrant working residents. Social Security numbers are needed to work, collect Social Security benefits and pensions, and in order to be eligible for other social services.

Can I get driver license without SSN in California?

Even if you don’t have a Social Security number, you can still apply for a driver’s license in some states. In Texas, for example, you must submit an affidavit declaring that you either don’t have a SSN, were never issued a SSN, or are ineligible for a SSN. In California, you can also get a license without a SSN.

How can I find my Social Security number without my card?

If you want to find out your social security number officially from the Social Security Administration, then you cannot get it online. You also do not have to pay a fee to the agency. You can go to your local SSA office (SSA Office Locator Social Security Office Locator) or mail an application.

How can I get SSN?

You can file your application for an SSN card in person at any SSA office. Be prepared to provide your original documents to prove your age, identity and work-authorized immigration status.

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