Quick Answer: Can I Apply For California ID Online??

Gather the identity, residency, and SSN documents you need to apply for an ID card.

Effective April 2018 DMV will begin offering an online DL and ID application process.

Appointments can be made online at www.dmv.ca.gov or by calling 1-800-777-0133.

You may also verify payment options available at the DMV office.

Do I need an appointment for California ID?

Have completed all the requirements for a Noncommercial Class A instruction permit. Call 1-800-777-0133 or visit your local DMV field office to make an appointment at a DMV commercial field office for a driving test. Pass the skills test (vehicle safety check, skills test, and the driving test.

What are the 6 Point ID requirements?

There are four requirements for 6 Point ID Verification: At least one Primary ID. At least one Secondary ID. Verifiable Social Security Number.

How do I get a senior ID in California?

A simple solution is to get a California Senior Citizen ID card. The IDs are good for ten years and if the senior is bed bound the DMV will send someone out to their home. To obtain a Senior Citizen ID card you will need: Form DL 44 which can be mailed to you by calling the DMV at 800-777-0133.

What documents do I need for a California ID?

Provide proof of identity, such as a certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate, U.S. passport, employment authorization document, permanent resident card or foreign passport with an approved form I-94. Present proof of your Social Security number, such as an SSN card, W-2 or paystub with full SSN.

Can I apply for a ID online?

To save time, DMV customers can fill out the online Electronic Driver License and ID Card application before visiting a DMV field office. If you are a customer trying to renew your driver license or ID card online, please use our online renewal process.

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