How Can I Pass The DMV Written Test??


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How many questions are on the written test in CA 2018?

Practice for your California DMV written test.The California state d written exam has 46 questions. You will need to answer at least 38 of them correctly in order to pass the test.8 Jul 2018

How many questions can you miss on the DMV renewal written test?

The test usually consists of 18 question (compared to 36 question for a first-time applicant). You need to answer at least 15 questions correctly to pass the examination, which means you can only have 3 errors.

How many questions are on the DMV written test 2018?

The written portion of the official DMV test will also cover information from the Driver Handbook and ask questions regarding rules of the road, traffic signs, and driving laws. You must answer 38 out of 46 questions correctly (or 30 out of 36 if you are over 18), to achieve the required 83% passing score.

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