Question: How Do I Get A DMV H6 Printout??

Request a ten year driver’s license printout called an “H6”.

Provide your true full name or current Drivers License Number.

Check the document to see that DMV has not mistakenly issued a “K4” rather than an “H6” Pay the fee (approximately $ 5.00).

What is a h6 printout?

An H6 DMV printout is a 10-year driving record that can be obtained through a motor vehicle licensing authority. The H6 report can offer lots of important information related to their driving history.

Can I get a DMV h6 printout online?

If you want to request an official document, please fill out form INF1125 (PDF) and mail it to the DMV Headquarters address on the form. Please ensure that your printer is ready and able to print your Vehicle Record printout as you will only have one opportunity to print your record after your fee is paid.

Can I get a copy of my driving record online?

The DMV. Request an official copy of your driving record in person or by mail through the DMV. You can receive an unofficial copy of your driving record instantly online. Requesting your official driving record costs about $10, depending on the state.