Question: How Do I Register As A Sole Proprietor??

It is important to consider doing the following once you have established your sole proprietorship:

  • Open a business bank account. Using your fictitious business name and EIN, you should set up a bank account to keep your business and personal finances separate.
  • Obtain general liability insurance.
  • Report and pay taxes.

Do I need to register as a sole proprietor?

A sole proprietorship is unique because it’s the only business that doesn’t have to register with a state. All other business types – partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations – must file a registration form with each state in which they do business.

Does a sole proprietor need a DBA in California?

There is no option to file for a DBA on the state level. Under California law, sole proprietors, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations must file a DBA if they plan to operate under a different name.

How do you register a sole proprietorship business?

4. Register your business in the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)

  1. Go to the Regional District Office (RDO) where your business is located.
  2. Fill-up the BIR Form 1901 – Application for Registration (for Sole Proprietor)
  3. Submit completed registration form together with the following:

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