Quick Answer: How Do I Terminate Child Support??

To ask the Probate and Family Court to modify a child support order:

  • Go into the court that made the child support order.
  • Fill out a Complaint for Modification form.
  • Take the form to the court Clerk.
  • Serve the Complaint and Summons.
  • Make “return of service”.
  • Schedule a court date for the hearing.

Can you cancel a child support order?

Yes, you may cancel your child support obligation if both parties are in agreement. You will have to file a petition with the court to have your current order terminated and then you will need a new order/ writ signed by Judge.9 Nov 2015

Can the custodial parent close a child support case?

If the custodial parent stops receiving public assistance (welfare), DCSS is required to collect the past due child support owed to the government that accumulated while the custodial parent and/or the minor child(ren) was on aid. For more information on closing a child support case, please call 1-866-901-3212.

Can a child support order be removed?

Obligations to pay child support can only be removed by filing for a modification with the court. If the Court ordered something, only the Court can change its own order. Generally, there must be a change in circumstances for a Court to agree to modify a child support order.3 Jan 2012

Can child support debt be forgiven?

The state offers debt forgiveness for noncustodial parents who have accrued at least $1,500 in state-owed child support arrears and meets other eligibility criteria. If the parent complies with the arrears forgiveness agreement, state-owed debt will be forgiven in stages over a 6-year period.

Can you sign your rights away and not pay child support?

Generally, your obligation to pay child support terminates when your parental rights are terminated and/or the child is adopted by someone else. However, unless there is someone to take your place as a parent, you would not be generally permitted to voluntarily relinquish your parental rights.

Can a judge deny child support?

If not, they will go to court and ask a judge to decide. The judge will make a court order saying how much child support must be paid. Keeping a parent from seeing his or her child is considered punishing the child. The law will not punish a child because his or her parent fails to pay child support.

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