Do I Have To Be A Registered Democrat To Vote In The Primary??

For example, if you are a registered member of the Working Families Party, you can only vote in the Working Families Party primary, not the Democratic or Republican primary.

If you are a registered voter who is enrolled (by the deadline) in a party that is holding a primary election, you can vote in the primary.

Who are the progressive candidates in California?

These are the Progressive Corporate-Free Candidates Running for Office in California

  • Governor: Delaine Eastin (D)
  • Lt Governor: Gayle McLaughlin (NPP) OR.
  • Secretary of State: Ruben Major (D)
  • Attorney General: Dave Jones¹ (D)

Who won the Democratic primary in California 2016?

Presidential primary elections in California took place on June 7, 2016. Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary with 54 percent of the vote. Donald Trump won the Republican primary with 74 percent.

How many our revolution candidates won?

Nationwide, of 37 Our Revolution-endorsed candidates who worked for Sanders or volunteered on his campaign, all but nine entered Tuesday’s primaries still in the running or having already won their elections.

Can I vote Republican if registered Democrat?

Being registered allows you to vote in primaries. In most states a registered republican cannot vote in a democrat primary and the reverse is true as well. A registered Party member votes in that Party’s primary, if he has one, or not at all. But in the general election, anything goes.

Can you vote if you have no party affiliation?

The simple answer, according to, the federal government’s official — if simplistic — website, is that yes, you can vote without a party affiliation. Nine states have closed primaries, which means that if you’re independent or not registered with a party, you can’t vote in party nomination contests.

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