Question: How High Is Mount Shasta In California??

4,322 m

When was the last time Mount Shasta erupted?


Is there snow on Mt Shasta year round?

Precipitation (in the form of snow) is our currency and our winter snowpack will equate into good summer climbing conditions on Mt. Shasta and other volcanoes. In an abundant snow year, all of the routes have a longer season and are generally more enjoyable.

Does Mt Shasta have snow year round?

Historically and statistically, April-September can have some of the most stable weather on Northern California’s Mt. Shasta. Part of the Cascade mountain range, Mt. Shasta is a strato-volcano and on average receives over 500″ of snow per season.

What if Mt Shasta erupted?

Shasta likely last erupted in 1786. Lassen Peak last erupted in a series of small explosions in 1915 followed the next year by destructive lava flows. The Medicine Lake volcano in southern Siskiyou County between McCloud and Burney also has the potential to erupt.

How many times has Mount Shasta erupted?

How often does Mount Shasta erupt? On average, Mount Shasta has erupted at least once every 800 years during the last 10,000 years, and about once every 600 years during the last 4,500 years. The last known eruption occurred about 200 years ago, possibly in 1786.

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